10 free PlayStation games for your Sony Xperia Z Ultra
Sony have just released a special promotional offer for Sony Xperia Z Ultra owners to redeem 10 free PlayStation games on their phones. To redeem these games make sure you have the latest Xperia privilege app installed on your phone and once you run it you should see it in your list of offers.
Once you get it up and running don't forget to drop us a note letting us know your favourite game.

Business Productivity with Sony Xperia Z Ultra
Sony have made sure that you can get the most of your Sony Xperia Z Ultra and Sony Xperia Z1 at home and at work by introducing a dedicated site discussing how you can use your device at work to increase your productivity and embrace the features of your smartphone. Click through to read more after the break.

Papyrus app screenshotA must-have for Xperia Z Ultra owners!
Today I came across a very nifty note taking app which works fantastically on our Sony Xperia Z Ultras. The app is called Papyrus - Natural Note Taking and is designed with devices with active styluses in mind such as the Samsung Galaxy Note series. So just how well does it work with the Sony Xperia Z Ultra? Although the Ultra doesn't have a dedicated active stylus, what I discovered left me extremely impressed...