Papyrus app screenshotA must-have for Xperia Z Ultra owners!
Today I came across a very nifty note taking app which works fantastically on our Sony Xperia Z Ultras. The app is called Papyrus - Natural Note Taking and is designed with devices with active styluses in mind such as the Samsung Galaxy Note series. So just how well does it work with the Sony Xperia Z Ultra? Although the Ultra doesn't have a dedicated active stylus, what I discovered left me extremely impressed...

Getting up and running with the app is very quick and easy. A quick tutorial points out all of the key controls you will use to be on your way to doodling and writing digitized notes.
Papyrus common controls
It's easy to get up and running with Papyrus's built in tutorial
Papyrus Tool Picker
Quick tool selection via Papyrus's intuitive user interface.
Papyrus has all of your color needs covered!
Papyrus presents you with everything you would expect from a high quality note taking app. There's the ability to select pen size, color, shapes and lassoo selection. The controls are simple and intuitive and at your fingertips to avoid having to drill into several different menus to find what you want.
But here's what really wowed me - Papyrus's ability to be able to treat fingertip input differently from pencil/pen input on the Sony Xperia Z Ultra!
So how do you get it to do this? Well by setting up Papyrus to 'Enable Active Pen' on the Sony Xperia Z Ultra it is able to treat ordinary pencils and pens as psuedo-active styluses. This allows you to write and draw with a pencil/pen and use your fingertips to quickly erase any mistakes. A very handy feature indeed!
So please do give Papyrus a shot on your Z Ultras as I know you'll love it. I highly recommend this app to all my fellow Xperia Z Ultra fans out there.
You can find Papyrus on Google Play as a free download.

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