Business Productivity with Sony Xperia Z Ultra
Sony have made sure that you can get the most of your Sony Xperia Z Ultra and Sony Xperia Z1 at home and at work by introducing a dedicated site discussing how you can use your device at work to increase your productivity and embrace the features of your smartphone. Click through to read more after the break.

Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync & IBM Notes Traveler support for Android

Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync support for the Sony Xperia Z Ultra
Access your work calendar, email and contacts on your Sony Xperia Z Ultra
Getting access to your work emails on your Sony Xperia Z Ultra or Z1 is easy as many workplaces now support bring-your-own-devices to work. With the Android platform becoming increasingly more popular, business and corporate applications are increasing their support by releasing Android apps alongside iOS apps. The Sony Xperia Z Ultra and Z1 support Microsoft's Exchange ActiveSync allowing you to synchronise your emails, contacts and calendar out-of-the-box whilst still adhering to corporate security guidelines to ensure work data doesn't fall into the wrong hands. IBM have also released an Android version of their Lotus Notes desktop application called IBM Notes Traveler (available for free on Google Play here). This means that Lotus Notes users are able to also access emails, contacts, calendars and to-do lists all from their Android device.

Business productivity apps

Android Business productivity apps for the Sony Xperia Z Ultra
Installing business apps on your Sony Xperia Z Ultra
Once you've gotten your work emails, calendar and contacts set up on your Sony Xperia Z Ultra or Z1 the next step is to install some apps to increase your productivity at work.
The Sony Xperia Z Ultra comes pre-installed with an app to open Microsoft Office documents however there are some other great alternatives out there worthwhile checking out. 
Quickoffice by Google is a great free office app for your Android device which allows full viewing and editing of Microsoft Office documents. This is extremely useful for reading email attachments created in Microsoft Office when you're on the go and away from your computer. You can find it on Google Play here.
Google Quickoffice increases business productivity
Google's Quickoffice for Android works great on the Sony Xperia Z Ultra
BPMN Quick Reference Guide 2.0
For those working in the IT or business improvement industry, the BPMN Quick Reference Guide 2.0 is an essential app for your Sony Xperia Z Ultra. This simple but extremely useful app provides you with a business process mapping reference guide right at your fingertips. You can quickly look up symbols and notation to understand what it all means. It's available on Google Play here.

There are numerous other business apps available for your Sony Xperia Z Ultra on Google Play. Follow this link to browse additional business apps for your Xperia Z Ultra. Don't forget to also check out our review on Papyrus - a great note taking app which we find extremely useful at work.
Read more about how you can make the most of your Sony Xperia Z Ultra or Z1 at the Xperia in Business page and don't forget to leave a comment of any great business apps you use on your Sony Xperia Z Ultra.

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