Sony Smartwatch 2It also works with non-Sony devices!
The Sony Smart Watch 2 is coming. Sony promises. While we wait, we’ve been hands-on, and found that its best feature so far is something that the Samsung Galaxy Gear competitor can never have.

The Sony SmartWatch 2 is the third official smart watch from Sony, and they’ve promised to make this one suck as little as possible.

The SmartWatch 2 has a bigger screen and higher resolution (1.6 inch, 220 x 176 pixels) and claims to have greater brightness than the previous version, so you can more easily read it in sunlight.

It has a longer-lasting battery and it’s water-resistant (IP56). We found last year’s model to be a pain to pair with your phone, but this year’s model has NFC, which generally makes linking your gadgets as simple as tapping them together.

The UI has been reworked to make it more similar to Android, which will hopefully be more intuitive, and, unlike last year’s, it can actually continue to do things (like read downloaded emails) even when disconnected with your phone.

Source: Gizmodo Australia

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