Today we got our hands on the Rock S-View Thin Flip Case Cover for the Sony Xperia Z Ultra. This super slim flip case is one of the most stylish and featured cases currently available for our Xperia Z Ultra.
Read on to see what we think of this case.

The Rock S-View cover closely mimics the Samsung S-View cover available for the Samsung Galaxy S4. But for the Sony Xperia Z Ultra Rock has taken the original design by Samsung and made several notable improvements that we have the exclusive privilege of benefiting from.

Key features of the Rock S-View Slim Flip Case Cover

  • Slim light-weight PU leather front flip cover with transparent window that protects the front screen
  • Plastic rear cover that the phone securely clips into protecting the top, bottom and corners whilst retaining access to the USB port, magnetic charging port, headphone jack, micro SD card slot, volume and power buttons
  • Built in folding stand that allows you to prop up the phone to watch movies
  • Front 'S-View' window allows quick access to view the lock screen including the clock, notifications and widgets. The transparent plastic window still allows you to swipe through the widgets



Rock has done well by bringing the S-View case design to the Sony Xperia Z Ultra. Instead of simply ripping off Samsung's design, Rock has innovated by adding protection on the back, a larger window and also a built-in stand which many will find extremely useful for consuming content on the 6.4" full HD screen of the Xperia Z Ultra. The case fits well, offers protection to the corners of the phone as well as the front and back and looks great.
I highly recommend this case to anyone with a Sony Xperia Z Ultra looking for a case with features as well as style.

You can purchase the case in White, Orange and Blue at Amazon here

4/11/2013 06:34:39 pm


Love your Xperia Z Ultra site! Just picked up the phone and am very interested in this case.

I currently have a wallet case for the phone which I use to store a smart transport card (credit card sized). Is there any place in the rock case where I could securely place this card without risk of it falling?


Xperia Z Ultra Fans
4/11/2013 07:16:19 pm

Hey Bob great to hear you like the site and like your Xperia Z Ultra. The Rock S-View case doesn't have a credit card slot but you could glue a basketball collectors card plastic sleeve onto the inside of the flip and it would be able to hold your public transport card.

Xperia Z Ultra Fans

4/11/2013 07:18:05 pm

Thanks - appreciate the fast reply! Keep up the great work on the site!

utsav gupta
8/9/2014 05:22:20 am

I want to purchase s view rock cover for xperia z ultra....
But how how can i purchase this product?


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