Sony Smartwatch 2Should Samsung be worried?
With all the hoo-ha surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Gear, we've take another close look at the other smartwatch - and one with a more obvious name too.
The Sony Smartwatch 2 doesn't attempt to do as much as the recently-announced Galaxy Gear, but it's a sleeker and more focused beast as a result.
Shorn of the need to speak to your wrist, the Smartwatch 2 instead becomes a companion to smartphones running Android 4.0 and above, offering more basic functionality.

The Smartwatch 2 is decently designed - there are metal and rubber watch straps to choose from, and without the camera that adorns the Gear you've got far more flexibility, as most standard straps fit the watch.

It looks far more like a watch than the Samsung version for one simple reason: it doesn't have to turn off. The power key on the side is there for when you want to fire the display up a notch, but in general standby mode the display will revert to a low-power clock face.

Source: techradar

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