Sony DualShock 3 ControllerSony DualShock 3 Controller
Did you know that your Sony Xperia Z Ultra has built-in support for Playstation 3 DualShock controllers? Yes that's right, you can use your PS3's controller with your Xperia Z Ultra to play console-quality games just like having a mini Playstation in your pocket! So just how is this done? Click through to read more after the break...

Using your PS3 controller with your Sony Xperia Z Ultra mobile phone

To begin with you'll need a couple of things...
1. A micro USB OTG (On-The-Go) cable
2. A Sony DualShock 3 wireless controller - Hint: if you have a Playstation 3 then you probably already have one of these
3. A USB to mini USB cable
4. Your Sony Xperia Z Ultra mobile phone of course :)

PS3 controller compatible games for your Sony Xperia Z Ultra

Next you'll need to download and install some games that are compatible with your PS3 controller. Some of our favorites include:

Video guide to setting up your PS3 controller on your Sony Xperia Z Ultra

Lastly watch the setup guide below and follow the instructions to get your Xperia Z Ultra working wirelessly with your PS3 controller via bluetooth.
Leave comment below to let us know how you go with setting up your Sony Xperia Z Ultra with your PS3 controller. Don't forget to also tell us which games are your favorite to use with the controller!
Pratyush naik
29/1/2015 04:30:55 am

It's good try it...

1/2/2015 06:58:30 pm

The video guide shows xperia sp not z ultra.. is this fake?

1/2/2015 07:13:18 pm

Definitely works on the Xperia Z Ultra as well as other phones. Got it working on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 too!

15/3/2016 09:04:52 pm

I have try to connect wire, and its connected..
But when I try to use Bluetooth, it won't connect..
What's wrong?

14/4/2016 02:44:34 am

hp sony xperia indeed very sophisticated. I also lovers of sony products, sony technology is very cool. very recommendation

30/5/2016 11:25:14 am

Mu ps3 xontroller is not working in my sony xperia z is always blinking..

4/1/2017 01:25:41 am

Works well With my handphone, thanks😃


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