It’s amazing what a difference an inch can make. Or not even an inch. 0.7 inches.

Consider the case of brain surgery. Plus or minus 0.7 inches could be the difference between walking out of hospital with a spring in your step, or pushing up daisies come spring. Or consider snooker, where 0.7 inches could be the difference between potting the black, and potting the white.

Or consider Sony’s new Xperia Z Ultra, where 0.7 inches is the difference between a phone, and . . . well, something else.

That measure, you see, is the difference between the 5.7-inch screen on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and the 6.4-inch screen on the Xperia Z Ultra. One, the Note 3, is most certainly a phone. It’s a very big phone, but a phone nonetheless.

Read more at the source: Financial Review http://www.afr.com/f/free/technology/digitallife/whatever_the_xperia_ultra_is_it_Q3TcSdUIlA5vQOEo68VseK

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