Sony Smartwatch 2
Sony's first SmartWatch didn't quite live up to our expectations. However, with the introduction of the SmartWatch 2, Sony has made plenty of improvements. These include a refreshed water-resistant design, easy setup with NFC technology, and yes a brighter screen so you can actually view it outdoors.

But with Samsung officially jumping into the smartwatch game by unveiling the Galaxy Gear, and a rumored Apple wrist gadget in the works, the Sony Smartwatch 2 will likely enter a pitched sales battle when it hits the market in September. Sony's updated timepiece will also be challenged by plucky wearable tech upstarts like Pebble and Hot Watch. Read on to find out if the Sony Smart Watch 2 has enough to really impress.

Like the steel Samsung Galaxy Gear, Sony decided to go for the luxurious look of metal. The SmartWatch 2 is made of aluminum, unlike the plastic Pebble. This gives it a nice, premium feel that the Pebble lacks. It features a removable 24mm wristband, so you can swap in other standard bands to customize to your liking. A big, round power button is found on the side, much like the power button that you will find on Sony Mobile's 2013 Xperia lineup.

Source: cnet

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