Here's a great review on the Sony Xperia Z Ultra's features and image quality. The Xperia Z Ultra has been criticized of it's less than stellar camera performance but personally I don't find ot a problem. If you are having issues with your camera quality, then check out our section on accessories to boost your photo taking capabilities on your phone here.
The Sony Xperia Z Ultra, like most other Android phones, supports Near-Field Communications or NFC for short. NFC is a wireless technology that opens up a range of new possibilities with your mobile phones and simplifies everyday tasks. By using NFC you can simplify everyday tasks by automating them. This includes automatically paring bluetooth speakers, headphones, smart TVs and more. We've collated some great NFC videos after the break that really demonstrate the power and potential for using NFC-enabled devices in everyday life. Click through to continue reading more about NFC.

Curious to know what happens when you put your Sony Xperia Z Ultra under water? Keen to test out your Z Ultra's IP58 rating? Check out the video below
So there's a lot of talk about the Xperia Z Ultra's camera and how it isn't as good as some of its competitors. In this video review, recombu give us an overview of how good the Z Ultra's camera actually is and how it isn't all that bad afterall. The Z Ultra also goes up head-to-head with its older sibling the Xperia Z and guess who wins? Watch the video to find out!
If you still think your Xperia Z Ultra's camera still isn't up to scratch - here's something that will definitely improve your phone's photo taking abilities A LOT!
So you've heard that the Sony Xperia Z Ultra has the same technology screen as seen in Sony's Bravia LCD televisions? What does it actually mean? What the video from Sony below for the full story on Sony's Triluminos display and X-Reality technology...
So you've gotten your Xperia Z Ultra? Did you know you can use an ordinary pencil or ballpoint pen as a stylus on the screen? It allows you to write digitally on the screen with very high precision.
We recently reviewed a great app that works well with the pen/pencil stylus feature on the Z Ultra. Check out our review on the free Papyrus app here
Sony Xperia Z Ultra Review
The Sony Xperia Z Ultra brought Sony into the realm of large-screen phones unlike any before it. Sony was no stranger to above average displays in its Xperia line, but most of the devices were still soundly in the phone category. When it came to the genre-blurring devices of the phone-meets-tablet category, Sony did not have much experience. That all changed with the introduction of the Sony Xperia Z Ultra.