The Sony Xperia Z Ultra is massive, and with its amazing display it could have had a kickstand built in, for watching videos. Well, Sony might have partially solved that with the Magnetic Charging Dock. Well, it’s not just a stand for watching videos, in fact, it’s not even purpose-built for that, but the immediate advantage we found from the Dock is exactly that, and more. We picked this up along with all the other accessories that we recently unboxed, so here is the Unboxing and Demo video of the Sony Xperia Z Ultra magnetic charging dock -

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Today we got our hands on the Rock S-View Thin Flip Case Cover for the Sony Xperia Z Ultra. This super slim flip case is one of the most stylish and featured cases currently available for our Xperia Z Ultra.
Read on to see what we think of this case.

Looks like the Sony Smart Watch 2 is starting to ship globally with Mobile Fun one of the first places selling this sleek new device of the future from Sony. 
So what do you think of the Smart Watch 2? Gorgeous gadget or gimmicky garbage?
Let us know in our poll below!
Buy yours now from Mobile Fun here (~$170)
or Mobile Zap Australia (~$188AUD)
or Mobile Fun UK (130GBP)

UPDATE: Looks like stock has been sold out of the silicone wristband version. The Sony SmartWatch 2 with the metal band seems to be still available here: US, UK, Australia.

Sony Cybershot QX10 Lens Camera
The Sony Cyber-short QX10 is here to fill a need you had no idea needed filled. It mates the improved pictures of a good point-and-shoot camera with your smartphone. Rather than build a phone with a high-powered camera like the Galaxy S4 Zoom, the QX10 is a stand-alone unit that works with any Android smartphone. (Or the iPhone, if that's how you roll.)Using wireless (NFC and WIfi Direct) the QX10 pairs with your phone (or tablet if you're into that) and the device's screen becomes the live-view from the lens. 

Sony Smartwatch 2It also works with non-Sony devices!
The Sony Smart Watch 2 is coming. Sony promises. While we wait, we’ve been hands-on, and found that its best feature so far is something that the Samsung Galaxy Gear competitor can never have.

The Sony SmartWatch 2 is the third official smart watch from Sony, and they’ve promised to make this one suck as little as possible.

Sony Smartwatch 2Should Samsung be worried?
With all the hoo-ha surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Gear, we've take another close look at the other smartwatch - and one with a more obvious name too.
The Sony Smartwatch 2 doesn't attempt to do as much as the recently-announced Galaxy Gear, but it's a sleeker and more focused beast as a result.
Shorn of the need to speak to your wrist, the Smartwatch 2 instead becomes a companion to smartphones running Android 4.0 and above, offering more basic functionality.

Sony Smartwatch 2
Sony's first SmartWatch didn't quite live up to our expectations. However, with the introduction of the SmartWatch 2, Sony has made plenty of improvements. These include a refreshed water-resistant design, easy setup with NFC technology, and yes a brighter screen so you can actually view it outdoors.