What makes the Sony Xperia Z Ultra different? Is it the massive 6.4" screen or the fact that you can use a normal ballpoint pen as a stylus? Watch this video to find out more...
Sony SmartWatch 2 WatchbandsDifferent colours and materials available!
Looks like the Sony SmartWatch 2 is now really making its name out there as one of the hottest smartwatches of 2013.
Sure it doesn't have a built-in low-resolution camera or Dick Tracy microphone and speaker like the Samsung Galaxy Gear, but at least it has style! Now Sony has begun to rollout its official interchangeable watchbands in a range of colours and materials and they look stunning! Our friends over at Mobile Fun now have official Sony SmartWatch 2 watchbands for order and will help give you the option to mix up your style!
Check out the range from Mobile Fun below:

The Sony Xperia Z Ultra has launched in the US - let's see what it can do!
Our Sony Xperia Z Ultra fans in the US can now officially buy their Z Ultra, Z1 or Smartwatch 2 from Sony and other authorised distributors across the United States today. We know many of you have already managed to get their hands on a Xperia Z Ultra from other sources but we hope that the wider release will bring further fans to our Sony Xperia Z Ultra following.
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For those interested in all of the detailed technical specifications and features of the Sony Xperia Z Ultra, please check out Sony's Xperia Z Ultra whitepaper. 
The whitepaper gives you details on all of the variants of the Sony Xperia Z Ultra ranging from the 3G to 4G LTE versions of this phone.
You can access the whitepaper directly from Sony here.

Business Productivity with Sony Xperia Z Ultra
Sony have made sure that you can get the most of your Sony Xperia Z Ultra and Sony Xperia Z1 at home and at work by introducing a dedicated site discussing how you can use your device at work to increase your productivity and embrace the features of your smartphone. Click through to read more after the break.

Sony have introduced a product called Xperia SmartTags which utilise your Sony Xperia Z Ultra's NFC feature to automate and simplify your life. Watch the short video below from Sony to see what Xperia SmartTags can do for you!
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In this video Sony Developer World give us an overview of the Sony Xperia Z Ultra's capabilities and specifications and show us how impressively thin the device is.
The Sony Xperia Z Ultra is massive, and with its amazing display it could have had a kickstand built in, for watching videos. Well, Sony might have partially solved that with the Magnetic Charging Dock. Well, it’s not just a stand for watching videos, in fact, it’s not even purpose-built for that, but the immediate advantage we found from the Dock is exactly that, and more. We picked this up along with all the other accessories that we recently unboxed, so here is the Unboxing and Demo video of the Sony Xperia Z Ultra magnetic charging dock -

Source fonearena http://www.fonearena.com/blog/84308/sony-xperia-z-ultra-magnetic-charging-dock-unboxing-and-demo.html
Here's a great review on the Sony Xperia Z Ultra's features and image quality. The Xperia Z Ultra has been criticized of it's less than stellar camera performance but personally I don't find ot a problem. If you are having issues with your camera quality, then check out our section on accessories to boost your photo taking capabilities on your phone here.