Sony Cybershot QX10 Lens Camera
The Sony Cyber-short QX10 is here to fill a need you had no idea needed filled. It mates the improved pictures of a good point-and-shoot camera with your smartphone. Rather than build a phone with a high-powered camera like the Galaxy S4 Zoom, the QX10 is a stand-alone unit that works with any Android smartphone. (Or the iPhone, if that's how you roll.)Using wireless (NFC and WIfi Direct) the QX10 pairs with your phone (or tablet if you're into that) and the device's screen becomes the live-view from the lens. 

Sony Smartwatch 2It also works with non-Sony devices!
The Sony Smart Watch 2 is coming. Sony promises. While we wait, we’ve been hands-on, and found that its best feature so far is something that the Samsung Galaxy Gear competitor can never have.

The Sony SmartWatch 2 is the third official smart watch from Sony, and they’ve promised to make this one suck as little as possible.

Papyrus app screenshotA must-have for Xperia Z Ultra owners!
Today I came across a very nifty note taking app which works fantastically on our Sony Xperia Z Ultras. The app is called Papyrus - Natural Note Taking and is designed with devices with active styluses in mind such as the Samsung Galaxy Note series. So just how well does it work with the Sony Xperia Z Ultra? Although the Ultra doesn't have a dedicated active stylus, what I discovered left me extremely impressed...

Showdown between the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the Sony Xperia Z UltraWho will win?
Should phablet lovers opt for Sony's Xperia Z Ultra or the Samsung Galaxy Note 3? Big smartphones, aka phablets, are all the rage. Samsung has rebooted its original concept with the Galaxy Note 3, but how does it compare to Sony's take on the idea with the Xperia Z Ultra?

Sony Xperia Z Ultra Review
The Sony Xperia Z Ultra brought Sony into the realm of large-screen phones unlike any before it. Sony was no stranger to above average displays in its Xperia line, but most of the devices were still soundly in the phone category. When it came to the genre-blurring devices of the phone-meets-tablet category, Sony did not have much experience. That all changed with the introduction of the Sony Xperia Z Ultra. 

Hands-on with the Sony Xperia Z UltraHands-on with the Sony Xperia Z Ultra
When we saw the Xperia Z last year, we were concerned. Not because it was a bad device; quite the opposite. No, we worried because it was going to be impossible to follow it up with something as impressive. Turns out our fears couldn’t have been more unfounded. Meet the Sony Xperia Z Ultra: the best Sony product this side of 2013.

Sony Smartwatch 2Should Samsung be worried?
With all the hoo-ha surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Gear, we've take another close look at the other smartwatch - and one with a more obvious name too.
The Sony Smartwatch 2 doesn't attempt to do as much as the recently-announced Galaxy Gear, but it's a sleeker and more focused beast as a result.
Shorn of the need to speak to your wrist, the Smartwatch 2 instead becomes a companion to smartphones running Android 4.0 and above, offering more basic functionality.

Sony Smartwatch 2
Sony's first SmartWatch didn't quite live up to our expectations. However, with the introduction of the SmartWatch 2, Sony has made plenty of improvements. These include a refreshed water-resistant design, easy setup with NFC technology, and yes a brighter screen so you can actually view it outdoors.

Sony Xperia Z Ultra Review
With the Xperia Z Ultra, Sony is finally turning its attention towards a market segment it has avoided so far. The market headstart of their flagship Xperia Z along with the subsequent releases in the upper midrange has set quite a serious foundation for Sony's mobile phone business creating an excellent possibility for experimenting in a niche that has been invented and so far dominated by Samsung's Note series...